Academic Advising

During FSI, students have the chance to get to know their respective Deans from Princeton's seven residential colleges (Butler, Forbes, Mathey, New College West, Yeh, Rockefeller, and Whitman). Deans are available throughout the summer to provide advice on academic planning and course selection in the freshman year and beyond. 

Students who intend to pursue the B.S.E. program or who are interested in learning more about degree requirements and certificate programs in the School of Engineering and Applied Science will also have the opportunity to consult with Peter Bogucki, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs in the School of Engineering and Applied Science. 

Similarly, students who are interested in pursuing a career in medicine or health care will be able to talk with the Directors of the Office of Health Professions Advising. These advisers will help students consider the various academic paths that might lead to a career in the health professions and help them locate opportunities for involvement in the local health care community. 

EBCAO staff will also be available throughout the summer to talk to scholars about their academic hopes and aspirations.