Should I participate in FSI?


If you are invited to FSI, it is because we very much hope that you will participate!  FSI residential offers scholars the chance to familiarize themselves with Princeton’s culture and resources prior to the fall term. Scholars also have the chance to hone the critical reading, writing, and analytical skills that they will need throughout their academic and professional careers. While the transition from high school to Princeton can be a challenging one for all students, FSI provides scholars with the opportunity to take ownership over that transition. The program is designed to give scholars the resources that they need to shape their educational journey and to prepare themselves to become future campus leaders and peer mentors.

In addition to the early exposure to Princeton’s curriculum and advising, FSI also offers students the opportunity to become part of a meaningful social community, not just for the summer but for all four years at Princeton.  Many students report that FSI not only helped them thrive at Princeton, but also helped them make valuable and lasting friendships. As an FSI alum, you will also be invited to join the “Scholars Institute Fellows Program,” a four-year Scholars Program that provides community, resources, and support for students throughout their time at Princeton.

Have more questions?

FSI alumni and EBCAO staff will be calling invited students to answer questions about the program. We also have Q&A sessions available for students. More info coming soon!

Missed our call? Don’t hesitate to email [email protected] with any questions; we’ll get back to you ASAP!